Through hole

Manual population and soldering

The population of your SMD parts takes place entirely by machine. The traditional parts are then manually populated and soldered. With more than 35 years of experience, we know through hole technology for the population of your conventional components through and through. The focus is always on the safety of your products. Our team carries out all the work with ultra-high precision and according to prevailing ESD conditions. And obviously all in line with your wishes.

Production line for wave soldering and selective soldering

Through hole population may be conventional, but our new production line is an impressive example of advanced technology. It guarantees you the precise soldering and finishing of your single- and double-sided populated PCBs. Our Ersa Powerflow e N2 wave soldering bath under nitrogen guarantees the perfect result. The advantage of wave soldering is the speed.

Besides the wave soldering bath we also dispose of a selective soldering appliance which gives the developer more freedom with the concept and construction. The Ersa Ecoselect 1 is used for specific soldering on double-sided assembled PCBs.

Visual inspection and monitoring

The solder quality is examined during a visual inspection. You are then certain of the quality of your printed-circuit boards. We draw up a complete population file for each assignment. Our guiding principle is to deploy a correct and meticulous production process in which we have all phases fully under control. Our employees regularly follow refresher training to further refine our procedures and technological knowledge. Your through hole projects are in professional hands at LHM.

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