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From a one-man business to an international SME in electronics

The assembly of your electronic components is in experienced hands at LHM NV! We have already been guaranteeing perfect PCB population, precise finishing and strict quality control for more than 35 years. What once started as one-man business set up by Ludo Herman Minnekens has in the meantime grown to become an international SME in electronics. We can thank our enviable growth throughout the years to our team of highly qualified employees. Together are we flexible in service, but strict on quality.

Flexible, product-friendly, personal and warm, that is the best description of the atmosphere at our family business, and you notice it as a customer. We aim for the best price/quality ratio and delivery periods for each prototype or each series, and this for all sectors.

Modern workplace and technology for assembly

From our high technology production unit in Geel we assemble for companies, organisations and authorities ranging from industry, infrastructure and automotive, to healthcare, agriculture and the food sector. We work with you on the conception of your product, and help you save time, energy and money.

PCB assembly, coating, potting, testing and inspection take place in-house in our antistatic production space with state-of-the art machinery and advanced custom software. A small order in between, a prototype that must be ready in good time? We fit it in our planning with flexibility. From the purchase of the basic material to the delivery of your products, you can count on us.

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Our team

Ludo Herman Minnekens


Johan Coomans


Koen Van Gorp

Sales purchasing

Anja Leys


Kjel Vermeiren

Production Through Hole & quality manager

Heidi Herman


Jacqueline Minnekens



We are proud of our people and our milestones. Read how we grew from a one-man business to become an international SME in electronics.


Ludo Herman Minnekens started a one-man business after a career at Alcatel Bell and Siemens Atea, with his wife as the first employee. Production – traditional population – provisionally takes place in their own basement in Geel in the Winkelomseheide. Siemens Atea immediately becomes the biggest customer. Talk about a healthy spirit of enterprise!

1981 - 1988

The family business expands with the recruitment of a civil engineer and later a further number of personnel members. This is the period in which LHM starts its own development department. A second company is set up: LHM Instrumentation, specifically for measuring equipment.


Construction of its own industrial building at Winkelomseheide 215.


Founding of a third company: LHM Electronics, for development at the customer’s request.


Investment in SMD machines as a supplement to traditional, manual population. Change from a one-man business to a limited company.


Colleague Johan Coomans becomes co-director. Extension of an industrial building with an extra hall.


Establishment of a limited partnership on shares for the benefit of the children. They also work at the company.


International SME. Today LHM NV has a total of approximately 25 employees working on further expansion, with Ludo also still active!

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