SMD population

Machine PCB assembly

SMD population is the machine assembly of your electronic components, by surface mount technology (SMT). The parts are then directly assembled or fitted on the printed-circuit boards (PCBs). We can complete orders of any size with our multifaceted machinery in an ultra-refined ESD-secured environment. And because we have capacity for a multiple of volumes at the same time, you are certain of the best price. We always tape in your Integrated Circuits (ICs) so you pay less per unit.

Automatic pick & place production lines

We assemble your small- and medium-sized series on a complete production line. We dispose of two fully automatic pick & place lines. A Dek screen machine applies paste before the Fuji Aim and NXT module ensure that 0201 to QFP, BGA and micro-BGA components are accurately placed. The BTU reflow oven or Vapor phase then guarantees perfect soldering.

Ovens with PCB support

The printed-circuit boards are heated before soldering. Our ovens with PCB support supply a constant quality, also with medium-sized orders. No fewer than seven top-and-bottom controlled temperature zones guarantee correct heating and ultimate soldering precision for each component. Your PCBs can also pass through the reflow process under nitrogen.

Control of the whole line

Right from receipt, all components are given a bar code so we can always trace the source, etc. We use this bar code throughout the whole production process. The populated PCB is also given a bar code so it is always traceable. Thanks to advanced software we are kept aware of the production phase for your product, so you are too!

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Contracting out PCB assembly?

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