Testing & inspection

Strict quality control

Our quality department subjects each step in the production process to the strictest quality controls. A motivated inspection team closely inspects all your PCBs: no detail of the electronics escapes our eagle eyes. We also deploy optical technology. Our X-ray equipment satisfies the every-increasingly stringent quality requirements for PCBs. It screens your BGAs. We can then exclude any faults and carry out highly specific BGA repairing where necessary.

Automated optical inspection

For a number of years we have been offering the option of fully visually inspecting PCBs with a SAKI frontier machine in a standalone configuration. This configuration for automated optical inspection (AOI) affords the possibility of checking complete orders for fitting, soldering, polarity and even text imprint! Our testing and inspection processes enable us to supply printed-circuit boards of the highest quality approved by the most diverse of sectors.

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Contracting out PCB assembly?

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